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First I want to thank you for visiting my site. You rock.

I wanted to write this post to let people know a little more about me and why I'm so passionate about my products.

I never had perfect skin but it's always been something I longed for. I've always researched remedies to get rid of hyper-pigmentation and fix uneven skin tone and like many I became discouraged with the short term fixes that really didn't "fix" anything. I tried several ointments and serums that would only work as long as I was applying them on a regular basis. As soon as I would stop, my face would break out and I was back at square one. I was completely over it and decided to start back with the basics. I got rid of every single product under my sink that contained alcohols, sulfates, and dyes. I learned a lot about product ingredients since going natural and I wanted to start over the right way.

After the purge I was left with a few bars of my tried 'n true soap, some Shea Butter I picked up a while back, and coconut oil. Here's the before and after pics with a few stragglers that I threw out later on:

Right side of sink (before)

Left side of sink (after)

Right side of sink (after)

          Left side of sink (after)

I changed my diet in addition to using only these products and noticed a huge change in my skin and wanted to know more. I got the bright idea to make my own so I studying formulas and ingredients to get the right combination to help others with common skin issues.

During this journey I've learned that I don't need a ton of beauty care products; I just need a few quality ones (not knocking other product junkies but I'm trying to get back to simple things). I worked a few jobs over the years and not one has made me happy like I am now. I do this because I really enjoy it and I want to share my creations with you :-)

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