Bar Soap - All Natural - 4 oz bar

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Bar Soap - All Natural - 4 oz bar

Our bar soaps contain organic ingredients to ensure you a getting a high quality product. They were each crafted by hand with pure essential oils that are sure to invoke nothing but positive vibes. Take your time getting to know all of them as we have enjoyed making each one.

We have three different soap bases with their own fragrances & intentions (all soaps contain vegetable glycerine, aloe vera, and oat protein for added moisture):

Olive Oil base

Clarity (helps you think better)
Energy (great for morning showers)

Bay Rum (spicy with a touch of sweet; great for men)

Hemp Seed Oil base

Awaken (awesome way to start the day)
Refresh (ylang ylang, orange, & jasmine)

Imagine (tropical)

Shea Butter base

Orange Cream
Joyful (really does make you happier)
Passion (contains an oil thought to be an aphrodisiac)


**Please note: Tru Joy Body Care is not responsible for the high water bills that may come as a result of wanting to bathe with these soaps longer than usual 😊

 - Color of product may vary depending on the essential oil used. No artificial coloring is used.
- These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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