Clay Mask - 2 oz - French green clay

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Clay Mask - 2 oz - French green clay

This rejuvenating clay mask is definitely something you want to keep on your bathroom counter. It is all natural with French green clay as the star and you will be surprised at how great it does. It works so well pulling toxins from your face that you will notice the difference instantly after the first use. This mask also reduces pores & inflammation, tones your skin, and exfoliates.

You can read about the benefits of French green clay here. We have also posted a link to this on our Ingredients page.

Suitable for use on normal, combination, & oily skin types no more than 1-2 times a week. For best results, follow up with TJBC face lotion. 

Scents available in 2 oz jar: Green Tea, Lavender*, Frankincense*, Sweet Orange*,Unscented


 - Color of product may vary depending on the essential oil used. No artificial coloring is used.
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