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I’m back!

Hi guys! I missed you! I’ve been gone for a little while now but now I’m back. The past month or so has been spent changing my website from one platform to another and it’s finally complete!

I created this website by myself (with the help of Google) and am very pleased with the results. If you would like help with creating your own site without having to pay an expensive subscription fee, click here to contact me. I may create another post at a later date explaining how I transferred and created my website for those that are interested in doing the same thing.

Back to the products…I still have some of the staples like the Body Butter and the Beard Oil. I will be adding a few new products over the next few months so be sure to subscribe and follow my social media pages to be the first to know!

To make up for the inconvenience I am offering free shipping on all orders over $25! Hurry because this special won’t last long!

Happy ordering!